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Homes for sale

The Candlewood Lake Club is a private community of about 200 residences located in New Milford and Brookfield on Candlewood Lake.  In addition to it’s fine location, the Candlewood Lake Club boast a host of amenities including a 9 hole golf course, tennis courts, beach, marina, clubhouse, junior clubhouse and a ball field.   A private water system and roads are also maintained for the benefit of members.  These amenities are only available for members and their guests.   Purchasing a home in the Candlewood Lake Club does not convey membership to the owner of the property.  Any prospective member must apply for membership and the membership committee has authority as to who is or is not granted membership.

The Candlewood Lake Club is governed by two corporations whose responsibility is to maintain and preserve the character of the Club and it’s properties.  Each residence is subject to comprehensive rules and bylaws of the CLC.  These rules govern such things as house color, fences, renting and when homeowners are allowed to perform home renovations, among many other things.   Our rules prohibit real estate signs and open houses.  These rules can be viewed as quite restrictive; however, over many decades they have been the foundation upon which the Club has remained a desirable place to live.

You should also be aware that in order to become a member, a homeowner must be an owner of stock.  Currently the price for one share of stock is $10,000.00.   In addition there is a initiation fee of $10,000.00 for new club members. There is an additional $10,000 initiation fee for any new member purchasing a non-member home effective October 1st, 2009. In order for a prospective owner to enjoy all the amenities, they must be stockholders and members.  We suggest to all agents that they determine the stock and membership status prior to the transfer of any property.

Houses/Lots For Sale in the Candlewood Lake Club
                                              Houses/Lots with Waterfront Rights across the Lake Road

Direct Waterfront 

Indirect Waterfront